Multan Institute of Health Sciences

Aims and Objective

Overall aim of the program

Overall aim of the program

Overall aim of the program is to:
Produce Graduate physiotherapists with advanced knowledge and skills in different areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitation Improve the quality of physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices and services in Pakistan.
Promote the utilization of applied research to develop local capacity for planning and policy development Develop state of art physiotherapy management and rehabilitation protocols Develop national, regional and international cooperation and collaboration among institution, groups and individuals known to be actively in developing and practicing physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Objectives of the program

On successfully completing the course, the graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical and practical basis of physiotherapy
  • Work autonomously and flexibly in the academic and clinical arenas
  • Apply problem-solving skills to theory and practice
  • Examine a patient, assess the findings and plan an appropriate physiotherapeutic treatment program using clinical reasoning skills; apply physiotherapeutic techniques appropriately, competently and safely

Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs in an ongoing manner and revise and modify them as necessary Recognize the limits of physiotherapeutic practice to communicate and co-operate effectively with patients and health care professionals, both orally and in writing Evaluate research literature critically; devise and carry out a research project Re appropriately in their thinking and practice; Promote physiotherapy and educate others concerning the role of the physiotherapist Contribute in the future development of the Physiotherapy profession in Pakistan