Multan Institute of Health Sciences

Message from the Course Coordinator

It is an immense pleasure for me to write about Physiotherapy as profession and Multan Institute of Health Sciences . Physiotherapy profession and education during the last few years showed a huge progress in Pakistan. A lot of seats have been created in public sector and private hospitals. Awairness among peoples in community about physiotherapy role in treatment and rehabilitation has increased. It ultimately increased demand of physiotherapists within Pakistan and also abroad. 5 years program of Doctor of Physiotherapy also increased scope and spectrum of physiotherapist as specialist among health community.

Multan Institute of Health Sciences is the first Physiotherapy College that has been launched in Southern Punjab. It was a need in this area to develop awareness among people about physiotherapy and to provide physiotherapy education at their doorsteps.

Our aim is to provide clinically oriented physiotherapy education to students so that they should become expert professionals for the society. For this we have started work with very good faculty and well equipped campus with all required facilities. Our aim is to make our students an active member of society by providing quality education and professional skills.



Dr.Sheraz Ahmad
B.S.P.T (K.E) , MPhil-PT(K.E)

Course Coordinator DPT
Multan Institute of Health Sciences Multan

Ex.Faculty Member
School of Physiotherapy/MHL
King Edward Medical University,Lahore