Multan Institute of Health Sciences

Fee & Regulations

Information about Fee Structure, Rules and Regulations

Disciplinary Rules & Regulations

Exemplary conduct and discipline is expected from UCP students. Any student found indulging in conduct unbecoming, in the classroom or on the campus, shall be administered a stern warning. If the defaulting student does not show improvement in behavior/conduct, his/her name will be struck o_ the University Rolls. Friends and relatives of students are discouraged to visit during the university hours. However, in case of emergency they may contact the Information office. Visitors are not allowed to enter classrooms, the library or the computer labs.
1. Student of this course is forbidden to participate in political activities and students demonstrations within or outside the college or to organize any sort of organization
2. Attendance in lectures and practical are compulsory. Students less than 80% attendance will not be eligible to sit in the university examinations.
3. Use of Cell phone, tab 3G and other Wi-Fi devices are prohibited in class rooms, during lectures and lab activities.

I. D. Cards

All students are required to possess a valid MCP student I.D. Card. They are strictly required to display their Cards before entering the University campus, labs, and classrooms. Students are bound to produce I.D. Cards on demand by any University Official.

Dress Code

For males: Formal pants, slacks, khakis, jeans, dress shirts (neatly tucked in), tee-shirts (only Polo necks without offensive words/images painted on them). Leather shoes, joggers, shalwar kameez (only on Fridays or by special permission). For females: Shalwar Kameez with scarf/dupata, trousers with long shirt, scarf/dupata, modest make-up and jewelry, if worn. Each student, male or female, is expected to give a neat look. Patchy, tattered and shabby looking Jeans, crew neck tee-shirts, loafers, chappals are not allowed. Wrinkled clothes or disheveled hair are not permitted. Students violating dress code can be fined Rs. 500 and will not be allowed to attend classes.


MCP campus is a smoke free zone (Rs. 1000 will be fined if found smoking). Drinks and eatables can be consumed only inside the cafeteria and allowed areas. Drinking/eating at all other places is prohibited.