BS Chemistry
6. BS Chemistry

Everything in the universe, whether natural or artificial, is composed of chemicals. Chemistry deals with chemical composition of elements, mixtures and compounds. It also governs the laws by which different substances mix or react with each to form other substances. Applications of chemistry include development of thousands of products such as fertilizers, medicines, improved oil refining, glass and petrochemical processing that saves energy. Applications of materials science include studies of superconducting materials, graphite materials, integrated-circuit chips, and fuel cells. Research on the chemistry of living things spurs advances in medicine, agriculture, food processing, and other fields. Chemistry involves the investigation of physical and chemical properties, composition, and structure of matter and the laws that govern the combination of elements and compounds and reactions of substances with each other. The use of computers to analyze complex chemical structure especially those of organic compounds is increasing day by day. The employment areas for the BS Hons. Chemistry graduates include pharmaceutical industries, chemical manufacturers, forensic science department, plastic industries, agrochemical industries, etc. Apart from these, they are also recruited in other fields such as oil, gas and power sectors and even in defense services. Some of the jobs are as follows: Analytical Chemist Bio-medical Chemist Chemical Engineering Associate Industrial Research Scientist Lab Chemist Materials Technologist Production Chemist Production Officer Quality Controller R&D Director Research & Development Manager Safety Health and Environment Specialist )

Fee Item Schedule Amount
Refundable Security At the time of admission
Hostel dues monthly
Hostel dues during summer Vacations June July
BS Biochemistry & BS Chemistry: 45% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Medical or Equivalent
Fee Item Schedule Pak Rupees
Admission fee At the time of admission only
University Enrollment Fee Once
Lab Fee Once
Security Refundable after completion of degree
Lab Skills Development Fund Last 2 Semesters only per Semester
Security Fee Refundable After completion of degree
Total 1st Semester 1st Semester
Total 1st Semester Semester
Total 7th & 8th Semester Semester
10% off on tuition fee for students having F.Sc marks 750
30% off on tuition fee for students having F.Sc marks 850
50% off on tuition fee for students having F.Sc marks 900
100% off on tuition fee for students having F.Sc marks 950 (3 Seats each discipline)
50% off on early Admission discount first 20 admission
30% off for daughter of Doctors/Teachers/Armed Forces and Orphan Students
Note * 5% increment in tuition fee may apply annually, University Exam are subject to charge at the end of annual year or semester

Admission will be notified in the major Urdu and English news papers. Applicant will be received on prescribed application form, available with prospectus. Merit based selected candidate who have to complete the admission requirements. Academic session will be commencing according to the schedule of University of Sargodha.

Eligibility Criteria

F.Sc. pre-medical or equivalent with minimum 55% marks
Maximum 25 years of age on closing date
Candidates from whole Pakistan can apply for open merit only
The following attested copies should be attached with the application form
a. Metric certificate showing date of birth
b. certificate from the recognized board.
c. Passport size photographs
d. Character certificate from the institution from the last attended
e. Copy of C.N.I.C./Form B.

For the final selection candidates will be interviewed at the Multan Institute of Health Sciences , Multan by the admission committee. Original documents will be kept with the institution till final examination. The candidate medically unfits or of unsatisfactory conduct shall not be eligible for admission. All candidates selected at the final interview will be examined for medical fitness. The health department government of Punjab has full rights to amend the rules policy at any time during the course of studies and the students are bound to observe accordingly.